Arduino News: Thursday; April 3, 2008

April 3, 2008


The Guys over at RepRap have recently a finished a new breakout
board, which makes connecting devices to an Arduino Diecimila
much easier. Apparently it’s going to be available on their store


I just noticed that they have also released a Thermocouple Sensor that is based on the AD595 chip.

It will convert the signal from the thermocouple to a voltage reading that is very simple to use with a modern Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) on any modern microprocessor.

I’ll have to get some of these into the Little Bird Electronics Store.


Ladyada has created a web interface to change the color of her LED, showing off their XPort Sheild




Ross Meeks

Ross discovered that Arduino exists!


Created Digital Music Cover Sharper Image’s US $599 Pre-made Laser Harp, and encourages you to
make your own with commonly available hardware such as an Arduino Diecimila. [read]


Uniquex’s Arduino Diecimila has arrived.


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